Dangerous Goods by Air-Awareness-CAT 3 + Radioactives - Freight Forwarders involved in processing DG
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Important Note:
1. The E-Learning Awareness course is generic and further training may be required to meet local requirements and employer specifics
2. The above Category of Staff must be given more detailed formal training. This is normally by means of a Classroom-Based course.
3. A Training Certificate is issued with validity for 2 years in accordance with ICAO DG regulations.

Course Time: 6 hours

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What is the DGM Platform?
The DGM platform offers a Learning Management System for the undertaking, monitoring and managing tele learning about hazardous materials. This system’s main characteristic is its simplicity of use, which is self-explanatory, motivating and very entertaining. This tool definitely helps you in the understanding of Dangerous Goods by Air.
For whom is the course recommended?
E-Learning Dangerous Goods by Air Awareness Course is designed to meet the training requirements of Staff of Freight Forwarders, involved in processing Dangerous Goods, including Radioactive Material, as defined in the ICAO Technical Instructions for Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.
How is the course offered by DGM?
It provides the mandatory overview of the regulations and responsibilities; Introduction, Applicability, Limitations, Provision for Passenger and Crew, Classification, Identification, Packing, Marking, Labeling, Documentation, Undeclared Dangerous Goods, including Radioactive Material and Emergency Procedures related to Dangerous Goods.
These courses are interactive, include exercises, audiovisual resources, etc., to expand your knowledge and memorize the lessons better.
Why online training?
Flexibility: Choose your schedule and follow the training at your own pace.
Accessibility: The materials can be found and used 24/7.
Cost-effective: There is no additional cost for books, transportation, accommodation…
Student Centered:Each of the students, with their specific way of learning, can choose their way of following the training and completing the exercises.